This blog is about children books from long ago and not so long ago.

You will find Golden Books, Colouring Books, Educational Books and more.

I try to give information on every book or otherwise the craracters when i can find it.

Also you will find old children books from well over 150 years ago, the quality will not be the best always but they are still readable and most have nice graphics.

You can find the books by following the links at the right sidebar.

The books are packed with Winrar. When you unpack them you will find
a cbr file that you can read with any crb reader that you can
find on the net.

The old books under Old Children Books are the ones that are really
old and are uploaded as cbr so you don’t need to
unpack those first.

With the help from Wikipedia


and the Internet Archive

Internet Archive


Here are some examples from pictures in the old books.

A day’s pleasure

A treasury of pleasure books


Chimes and rhymes

Christmas roses


Curious creatures

Dog of St. Bernard and other stories

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz

Edward Buttoneye

Gems for Mother Goose

Happy child life

Jack the giant killer

King Gobble’s feast

Little Bo-Peep

Little People, an alphabet

Little ramblers and other stories

Moral and entertaining fables

Mother Eart’s children

Mother Goose

Nursery ditties

Nursery nonsense

Old Mother Bantry

Pretty tales of the nursery

Rhymes and Jingles

Sing a song for Sixpence

Story of the mince pie

15 thoughts on “Home

  1. UPDATE 24-05-2019

    Miniature under the window
    Miss and her doll
    Miss Rose
    Mister Fox
    Moral and entertaining fables
    Moral tales in verse
    More Dollies
    Mother Goose 8 different titles
    Mother Hubbard’s dog
    Mother Muggins and het dog trap’s ABC
    Mr. Punch
    Mrs. Prim and her son Jim
    My aunt Lucy’s gift
    My first alphabet
    My friend Doggie
    My Governefs
    My Lord Bag-O’-Rice
    My picture-book
    My pretty present
    My pretty scrap-book
    My real friend
    My very first little German Book

    All under Old Children Books

    I will update more the next days because i still have well over 100 old books to place beginning with N until Z.


  2. UPDATE 11-09-2019

    Crystar, Crystal Warrior (5) – New title in Various Children Books
    Golden Book – Detective Arthur on the scent – In Golden Books
    Horrible Histories (12) – New Title in Various Children Books
    Little Golden Book – A little Christmas treasury – In Little Golden Books
    Little people big book (3) – New Title in Various Children Books
    Marvel Super Heroes (7) – New Title in Various Children Books
    Sesame Street (14) – In Various Children Books
    SpineChiller Collection (59) – New Title in Various Children Books
    Thomas and the Schooltrip – In Thomas and Friends in Various Children Books

    52 different titles in Update 11-09-2019
    at the bottom of Various Children Books


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